Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Was the crashed Roswell alien ship in 1947  really a Soviet spy plane  - new book's claim...

Was Area 51 developed after the controversial Roswell alien ship crash  theory in 1947? Was it actually a Soviet spy plane? New questions, new claims in Annie Jacobsen's book.

American journalist Annie Jacobsen  has apparently shocked even the most devoted conspiracy theorists with  new claims about  the controversial  "Area 51" installation in the Nevada desert 75 miles north of Las Vegas.

After decades of controversial discussion by other commentators,   Annie Jacobsen claims there were no weather balloons, no alien ship that crashed near Roswell, Mexico, in 1947, but perhaps a crashed  Soviet spy plane controlled by disfigured adolescents, two of whom initially survived. And she also strongly suggested they were formerly linked to infamous Nazi  scientist Doctor Mengele.

And Ms Jacobsen also claims that 'Area 51' engineers and pilots reverse-engineered  Soviet made MiG fighters and developed the present drones (unmanned aircraft) that have been used to bomb Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years.

Dig around a little and the technology that spawned the Stealth aircraft of recent years will be revealed. While her accounts are reportedly strong and believeable, there is no credibility because the documents she discusses remain classified.

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