Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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A sculpture of Michael Jones  "The Iceman" to be displayed at Eden Park in Auckland...

What has been described as a larger than life statue of the former All Black great, Michael Jones, diving to score the first try at the inaugural Rugby World Cup final at Eden Park in Auckland, in 1987, will be displayed at the redeveloped Eden Park for this year's event.

Auckland artist Natalie Stamilla said the sculpture, which she estimates will cost $300,000, will be cast in bronze and be 150% greater than life size. Stamilla said she had been able to secure funding to cover all costs related to the sculpture project, which will be placed on permanent loan at Eden Park.The design of the sculpture is based on a photograph by Geoff Dale, Stamilla's father, who worked as a press photographer during the 1987 tournament.

Most fans won't be aware that the actual first try at the 1987 cup final was a penalty try. So the 'Ice Man's' try was the first touch down, if you like.

A similar try by the new legendary No 7, and skipper, Richie McCaw, would probably see a similar sculpture at AMI Stadium (Lancaster Park) in Christchurch, despite the fact that the earthquake ravaged city took no active part in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.


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