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New book claims Hitler and the Nazis tried to breed super 'talking dogs'...

A new book claims that Hitler's  Nazi scientists attempted to breed a secret army of 'super dogs' that could speak, read and write. From the realms of science fiction?  Apparently they convinced Adolph Hitler it was possible.

The activities of the Tier-Spreschschule were bizarre to say the least. It was one of many experiments carried out in the search for a secret weapon to help Nazi Germany win the war.

Dogs allegedly sent to an Animal Speech  School near Hanover, included an Airedale terrier  called Rolf who could, it was claimed, spell by tapping his  paw on a board; each letter of the alphabet was represented by a certain number of taps. Rolf was said to have discussed religion, learnt foreign languages, written poetry and once asked a visiting noblewomen, "Can you wag your tail?"

A German pointer named Don impressed his handlers by apparently imitating a human voice to  bark: 'Hungry! Give me cakes." Another was said to bark "Mein  Fuhrer" when  asked who Adolph  Hitler was.

Jan Bondeson, a historian at Cardiff University, claims the Nazis believed dogs were almost as  intelligent as humans, and that physical limitations prevented them from interacting as equals.  Experiments were carried out to find evidence of telepathy  betwwen dog and man.

However, Bondeson's research for his book Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities found no evidence  that the German Army ever found a tactical use for its educated hounds.

Just another tall story from the Nazi  archives.

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