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Art work of President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.Image via WikipediaJust what the hell are western nations doing in Afghanistan anyway?

By peter petterson

Just what the hell are western nations doing in snuggling up to a monsterous Islamic regime who is no better than the Taleban they are all fighting against. I'm discussing of course the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai's government who is purging Afghanistan of Christians. Karzai's regime is an Islamic society which has adopted Sharia Law, no better than the Taleban itself.

I posted a news story here at 'The Kiwi Riverman Post' a couple of days ago about the despicable practice that appears to be ingrained in Afghanistan society  -  boy rape.

Now we read about the purge of Afghanis who have converted to Christianity. One in particular has made the headlines and was interviewed by The Sunday  Times.  The person in question is Said Musa an Afghani working for the Red Cross who is under sentence of death for his conversion to Christianity nine years ago.

Said Musa tried to seek asylum at the German Embassy following the order made by Karzai to purge Afghanistan of Christianity. He was arrested and tortured and sentenced to death. A Judge visited Musa in prison and ordered him to convert back to Islam or be hanged. His conversion to Christianity appears to have been after he watched graphic television reports of a bombing in Pakistan, something he could no longer condone or support. There is allegedly now more than a thousand Afghani converts to Christianity because of the actions against innocent men,women and children.

Musa was tortured, beaten with sticks, sexually assaulted and condemned as a dirty infidel. His lawyer dropped his defence because it was unwinnable, his wife and children were evicted from their home and called infidel lovers.

His friends and supporters have launched a campaign for his release, accusing human rights groups, including the Red Cross and the United Nations, of failing to lobby the government for his release. Nothing has been done for him so far. It should be pointed out that Afghanistan had signed the human rights convention but the West refuses to lobby on his behalf because its a an 'extremely sensitive case'. Yeah right!

The truth of the matter is the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission is concerned that an army of radical mullahs in Afghanistan could turn the problem into more than a battle against freedom of religion. They and other Western groups are concerned that any public campaign could further infuriate the government that  increasingly blames foreign interference for the country's woes.

And so Afghani nationals such as Said Musa , who is a 45 year old amputee who specialised in rehabilitating fellow landmine victims, continue to be detained in prison. At least Musa has been treated a little more lenient since the US embassy put some pressure on authorities, who moved him to another jail and have put him in a corridor outside the head guard's office to avoid him being further beaten.

But when will he be released? When he renounces Christianity! If he did he would be forgiven under Sharia Law and wouldn't be executed. Musa claims he will die before he renounces Christianity.

As I stated when I began this post, what the hell are Western nations troops doing in Afghanistan: Fighting to defeat the Taleban or just looking after their self interests - ensuring and insuring their oil supplies in Afghanistan?

Don't worry too much about the average Afghani - nothing has really changed in centuries. Whatever gains such as education and employment opportunities for women, will disappear like the grains of sand in this desert and mountainous hell-hole of a country once  the Kharzai  regime no longer needs the western military.
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