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Despicable and depraved Afghan boy rape rampant...

At last the truth comes out. People have been reporting on this depravity for years, decades and centuries. Yet, nothing ever changes: Boy rape is so endemic to Afghanistan and other places that it has become institutionalized.

This appalling disgrace goes on day after day, from the lowest levels of society to the highest, with officials of all manner engaging in it.

A significant part of the fault of boy rape lies with Islam. Partially to blame are the culture and environment—the ruggedness and brutality of the Afghan landscape manifests itself in its people. Entirely at fault, of course, would be the Almighty God and Lord of the Cosmos, were theism to be considered a “reality.”

If so, God is responsible not only for allowing such evil to occur but also for creating such a creature in the first place who would attack a young child, hold him down, and violently and savagely penetrate his small body.

Canadian soldier traumatized:

With such heinous images in mind, I can fully understand the trauma suffered by a young soldier who is speaking out against what he saw in Afghanistan. Former Canadian corporal Travis Schouten has broken the disturbing silence about this outrage tolerated by the world, by relating his eyewitness accounts of boy rape and the “tip of the iceberg” under which “lies the systemic sexual abuse of boys at the hands of Afghanistan’s police and army.”

Schouten’s allegations—which are undoubtedly true, based on a long history of this behavior reported by many others over the centuries—have been dismissed. Yet, as The Province reports:

Army officers also met in 2007 to discuss the issue of Afghan security personnel “having anal sex with young boys” but their main concern was the media would somehow find out.

To justify complicity in not stopping these atrocious practices, we hear of a lame excuse:

Others in the military note they were told such practices were an age-old part of Afghan culture. One soldier who e-mailed Canwest News Service stated he served at the same base at another time and troops had orders to stop any rapes. But he also noted they were told the practise of “Man Love Thursdays,” as it was called, involved consenting Afghans and no one was raped by older men. The children involved were given small gifts or money in return for sex, soldiers said.

There are several astonishing aspects to this paragraph, including the admission not only that such boy rape exists and is widely practiced as a virtual cultural institution, but also that this derangement has been occurring for ages, somehow justified all the time by the morally numbed brain because the children involved were “rewarded” for serving this perverted need.

In nauseating detail, Schouten related other encounters with this horrendous abuse of children:
And not all Afghans are so accepting of what some claim is tradition. Afghan villagers this summer complained to British troops in Helmand province that Afghan police were abducting children to be used for sex.
Last year also saw an extremely rare event; three Afghan police officers who gang-raped a 12-year-old boy and his father were sent to prison.

Although reports in a Toronto newspaper noted that Schouten saw the aftermath of the attack on a young boy, he said that is not accurate. He actually entered the headquarters and witnessed two Afghan security personnel sodomizing the child. “I walked in and they were raping a kid,” he recalled. “The kid was bleeding. They guy with the camo fatigues had a knife in his hand.”…

Afterward, he was approached by an Afghan interpreter who worked with troops. The man had with him a couple of five-year-old boys who had also been allowed on the Canadian base. “He brought up the fact he likes to rape little boys,” Schouten said. “He’s telling me how he likes to use a knife on them.”

Boy rape in Afghanistan dates back many centuries, having been recorded by the Italian traveler Marco Polo, for one, but undoubtedly reaching back much farther in time. Islamic practice is largely to blame for this savagery, because the oppression of women to the point where men can only find sexual “outlets”—for, a mere “outlet” is what people shaped by ruggedness and brutality consider sex to be, as they can rarely engage in its higher intricacies, and true love is scarce—in boys and animals.

Islamic oppression responsible:

Whether or not the abuse predates the faith in Afghanistan, boy rape is exacerbated by Islam, because the latter discourages normal, healthy relationships with women. As much has been said repeatedly over the years by a number of male inhabitants of Afghanistan and elsewhere: To wit, they say that because there is no access to women, they have sex with each other. In Dubai, one Arab Muslim essentially stated that his homosexuality was due to Islamic laws prohibiting contact with women:

In Saudi, it’s hard to be straight when you’re young. The women are shut away so everyone has gay sex. But they only want to have sex with boys—15- to 21-year-olds. I’m 27, so I’m too old now.

This conclusion concerning much homosexuality as rooted in the segregation of genders would seem to make perfect sense to those possessed of a logical and rational mind.

The widespread practice of boy rape can be seen manifested in such traditions as “bacha bazi,” meaning “boy for play.” These “boys for play” are essentially sex slaves to powerful and rich Afghan men. Although they banned the overt practice of bacha bazi and committed cruel and brutal public punishments against suspected “homosexuals,” the Taliban are notorious for privately and hypocritically engaging in “play” with boys.

While the world coddles Islamist sensibilities and tolerates “cultural differences,” what about all these poor boys? Where does this chain of violence and abuse end? Raped boys become rapists—are we now so numbed to atrocity and so “politically correct” that we can forget the screams of the boys as they are held against their wills and brutalized by angry individuals who themselves were no doubt likewise violated? The children of the world—and all sensate, moral individuals—demand that this institutionalized baseness, cruelty and criminality be stopped.

Why do coalition troops defend a regime that encourages depraved boy rape in Afghanistan? Ask their governments why? I will ask my government!

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