Sunday, December 26, 2010

That "spare tyre" could save your life one day...

Stem cell diagram illustrates a human fetus st...Image via WikipediaFrom Britain comes this latest piece of advice:

An extra helping of brandy butter may well prove to be a life saver. Doctors and scientists want to extract stem cells from our excess fat to keep on hand our own personal body repair kit. We're turning vehicular.

Seriously though, our flabbyhips and thighs could help  the future treatment of many illnesses such as heart diseases,arthritis, motor neutron disease and diabetes.

Scientists say the beauty of human body fat it is, unlike embryos,  is in plentiful supply and has does not raise any ethical concerns.

Malcolm Alison, professor of stem cell biological research at Barts and the London School of Medicine  and Dentistry, said recently. "Storing these cells is wothwhile because scientists are showing these are very versatile cells and it is best to use your own cells(for the treatment)."

He said people should store the cells before they become ill, because it could avoid any delay, for acute liver failure for instance, it could be days to grow and extract cells the old way.

Professor Alisonis carrying out research to convert stem cells from body fat into insulin- producing cells to treat diabetes.
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