Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Sarah Ulmer - New Zealand's world champion cycling golden girl has retired through continuing injury. She has left a sporting legacy New Zealand's top athletes across all codes must aspire to carry on, highly respected former Kiwi national coach Ron Cheatley said. That is a huge call!

Sarah Ulmer, world record holder, world champion, Olympic champion, and multiple Commonwealth Games Champion, retired from cycling last Saturday after a nerve problem in her leg, which had dogged her since 2000, finally proved too much.

Her former coach betwen 1997 and 2000 said Ulmer' single minded determination to win was among other things, the key to her success and far too rare these days across New Zealand' sporting landscape.

She had that determined streak that had set champions like Peter Snell, Murray Halberg and John Walker apart from their compatriots decades ago - that will to win, and not letting opponents get in her way. She never made excuses - other people may have for her, but she would never make them!

Many sports people today may be a little precious and guilty of blaming others and other things around them for failing to succeed - but not Sarah Ulmer. She was respected by opponents and the general public alike. She was a true champion!

Was she New Zealand's greatest cyclist? She was undoubtably the best ever female cyclist in New Zealand's history.

New Zealand sport would be all the poorer without her, and she would be missed on New Zealand's television screens too; she had been famous here for a particular food advertisement.

Goodbye Sarah!

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