Monday, November 26, 2007


A new frontier in health - the Glyconutrients - the eight miracle sugars! Read this fantastic story!

What on earth am I going on about? What are these miracle sugars? What are they going to do for our health? Just what on earth is a glyconutrient?

Something virtually undetected until recent times, the glyconutrients, known as the miracle sugars offer a new universe or frontier of health potential. Does it ring a bell yet, or is it a total mystery? I like a good mystery, do you?

Scores of studies around the western world have linked the efficiences of these extraordinary sugars to everything from lupus, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ADHD, to infertility and many more health problems.

Since they are so basic to the needs of every cell in the body, dozens of other illnesses have been linked to an inbalance of these sugars,and by increasing their intake through diet or supplementation it has led to the restoration and maintenance of the health of countless individuals.

These sugars are so very critical for human health. As far as immune enhancement is concerned, they must be viewed as absolutely essential for maximum disease prevention and maintenance.

Just what are these eight miracle sugar bullets for great health?

Glucose; galactose; fucose; mannose; xylose; n-acetyl- neuramic acid; n-acetyl-glucosamines; n-acetyl-galactosamines.

Only glucose and galactose are readily available in our everyday diets. The other six are not available and must be added through supplements.

The human body requires water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, fats and carbohydrates to function properly. The foods we eat supply these macronutrients and come from a variety of sources. Once we moved away from the farm and to a fast food society, the need to suppement glyconutrients and other vital nutrients has become mandatory.

As only two of what I would call here magic, or miracle sugar bullets, are available in our modern diets, we have to look for other sources to provide the other six.

There are many plants around the world that have a high glyconutrient content: aloe vera; astragalus; saps; gums; garlic; certain mushrooms; yeasts; husks; breast milk; coconut meats; echinacea; maize; pectins from fruit; some algae; certain herbs, and many others.

There are several reasons why our modern diets and lifestyle actually provide us with less of the essential glyconutrients than our forebears.

Because of green harvests; processed foods (all the takeaways and takeouts)preservatives, increased toxins along with the limited variety of grocery store foods we eat, all reduce our vital supply glyconutrients. We have two, but must supplement the other six in our diets.

The above has been an overview of what our cells need to keep our bodies healthy and fully functional, and having the ability to repair damage - I will provide an Email link if you wish for further information: "Glyconutrient information".

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