Friday, January 26, 2007

Now I have an additional blog to go with this one - "Pete's Kiwi Forum".

I hope to post weekly on that one, and make it special. My problem is I have too many blogs, but half of them are to promote Adsense income.

Now I have some others you may like:

Http:// is actually my publishing site. You can go to http:// and read my posts on this blog. This blog is actually a selection of some of my better posts. Please visit and read them.

Another of my blogs is: http:// huttriver1.wordpress .com " A story from New Zealand". You are invited to visit and read that one too!

Bye for now,

The Kiwi Riverman

I am actually feeling my way in the blogging world and still not yet that experienced. What other way other than a blogroll can I promote all my blogsites at once? I will actually write up a complete list one day.

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Anonymous said...

yeah. thanks for style!