Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If you are a male your cellular/ mobile phones could make you infertile, if you use them often!
If you spend four or more hours a day on your phones your sperm count could be reduced by 30% in comparison to a male who doesn't.
Is this a devious scheme to reduce the world's population? Sires may be on the decline!
Males who use their phones for more than four hours a day could produce fewer and poorer sperm, according to results from a study released by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Conference in New Orleans recently.
London's Daily Mail reported that doctors think that electro- magnetic radiation emissions might damage sperm counts.
The Independent said that the case study suggested that microwaves from mobile phones appear to reduce the number, mobility and quality of sperm by up to 50%, to the point that males may become infertile.
The findings come at a time when many countries are concerned about a drop in male fertility rates. Almost a billion people use mobile phones, and in some cases increasing by 30% a year.
The Guardian said the study was too preliminary to prove an unequivical link between mobile usage and declining sperm counts.
However, scientists wanted to look at other factors such as age, weight, smoking, stress and whether people have sedantary jobs. It has not been proven and more research is needed

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