Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Help Chief Theresa Spence - help her end her hunger strike...

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Chief Theresa Spence - help end her Hunger Strike

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Chief Theresa Spence - help end her Hunger Strike
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Why this is important

Open Letter To Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Re: the great Chief Theresa Spence's Hunger Strike less than a ten minute walk from the Canadian Parliamentary Buildings in Ottawa, Canada. 

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 
As you by now know, Chief Theresa Spence is on Victoria Island, less than a ten minute walk from your offices in Ottawa, on a Hunger Strike, waiting for a meeting with you since December 11th, 2012. The situation is dire and is one that does, threatens death; a commitment that Chief Spence has made on behalf of her Peoples. The great pain and inaction that has perpetuated this desperate action is only growing nation wide, and it would behoove us all to have you meet with her and to formulate a plan of action together. A plan towards a brighter future for everyone. 
We, as Canadian Citizens, as First Peoples Citizens and as World Citizens care very deeply for the life of this great Woman, Mother and Chief, and we do not want her to die. But, only you, Prime Minister Harper, have the power to save her life. This very real and human life. Please consider that. We would like you to know that we, and many others like us both in Canada and around the World, are watching your choices here, we are, aware of you and what you do every day you refuse to meet or even acknowledge Chief Spence of your own accord. Each of us would choose to take action and save this life. If we could. But we can not. Only you can do that. Only you have that choice. And, we do, we hope you choose differently today. We hope you choose to save the life of the great Chief Theresa Spence with the power you hold in your hands. With a conversation. No miracle needed. Just a conversation. And a life, will be saved. It is, so easily within your power to affect the future in a positive way. For this great country, and this Great Nation. For our homeand NativeLand.Please, we urge you to make the right decision. Choose to hear this woman, this Mother, this great Chief's plea and meet with her now. 
For all of us. From fellow human being to fellow human being, we urge you, meet with Chief Theresa Spence to discuss her concerns and her pain. 
Signed,An Average Canadian,Jacqueline Rockmanand....10,000 other concerned Average World Citizens 
Those who have already written open letters open letters to you include, but are not limited to, the following:The David Suzuki FoundationAll Three Canadian Opposition PartiesThe Ontario Labour FederationThe Union of Canadian Postal WorkersThe National Union of Public & General Employees (Canada)The Canadian Labour CongressThe United Church of Canada Me, Jacqueline Rockman
Please hear them, hear them all, NOW
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