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Wikipedia site blackout has been confirmed - democratic rights at stake...

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    Wikipedia confirms site blackout over piracy rule...

  • Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia the free online knowledge site, will shut it down for 24 hours later this week in protest at the draft anti-online piracy legislation before the US Congress, he said on Twitter.
    "'Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.' MLK - on Wednesday, Wikipedia demands," Wales said, citing slain US civil rights leader Martin Luther King.
    The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is currently before the House of Representatives, while the Protect IP Act is the version before the Senate.
    The draft legislation has won the backing of Hollywood, the music industry, the Business Software Alliance, the National Association of Manufacturers and the US Chamber of Commerce.
    But last month, the founders of Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and other internet giants expressed concern over the two drafts, saying in a open letter that they would "give the US government the power to censor the Web using techniques similar to those used by China, Malaysia and Iran.
    Kiwipete says: Is this a genuine attempt to stop online piracy like the much criticised New Zealand legislation passed last year, or some sort of "trojan horse" to enable the US Government to control what's published on the internet sometime in the future or whenever some corporation or politician objects? Democratic freedoms had to be won dearly and should not be rationed out at the whim of some potentially fascist politician or corporate CEO. Other nations would soon follow the lead of the 'land of the free'. Is this another sign of what's to come in 2012?
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Sondra Crane said...

Excellent data and very well written. I am going to follow you as soon as I find out how.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Just follow me here. I must confess that I recycle great articles to here,You can also follow http;//huttsblogesphere.blogspot.com for a variety of read.

Sondra Crane said...

I am going to join your site. I would like it very much if you would join mine as well.

I have my thoughts about the past, now and all that matters, I am a Senior but you would never know it to look at me.

I still think and write about the past and the changes made by others and by me.

I am going to paste this topic you wrote, I loved it by the way, and since I am older than you there are other things that have disappeared from my life.

My next post. I hope you enjoy it. I do not know how to use tags.

Sondra Crane said...

As a senior growing up in the late 30's and early 40's I have seen many changes taking place.

Writing in Public School or how our elementary schools were known. We used to write with a pen tip dipped it into the ink. I have not seen this type of pen again.

We went roller skating using a skate key adjusted the size of the skate. The skate was attached to our shoe and the key made the size tighter or looser.


There were many changes that are gone for good, including the scrubbing board to use to wash your clothes. Gone is the ice-man delivering ice to keep our food cold in the non-electric frigidare, and the truck that delivers coal to heat our apartment. Read the article belog


I can think of more. The trolley car disappeared and the tracks removed from the street. Cars needed space to drive.

There is much more but for now this should suffice.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I went to school in the 50's. I remember the tram on its tracks which was withdrawn within a few years, I even used a dip -in pen for a little while. We had half a pint of milk every day up to the 60's. Most large cities skating rinks here in NZ. Some had ice-skating rinks too. I will leave a link for you to my group over at blog.co.uk http://communitybloggersevolve.blog.co.uk Have a look some time.