Tuesday, January 10, 2012

US Congress wants dictatorial control over Internet...

Ask gaming company Electronic Arts to oppose the Internet censorship bill.
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Congress has a plan to change the Internet forever. A bill they're debating right now would give the government power to shut down whole websites, and even let corporations say which websites should be shut down.
That means a huge corporation could have any website even suspected of violating a copyright shut down -- no questions asked. The government could then completely block all access to sites as big as Facebook or YouTube if one person posts one thing on those websites that corporations don't want online.
Most major entertainment companies have come out in support of the bill, but despite swirling rumors, the huge video-gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) has yet to take an official stance. However, EA is part of the Entertainment Software Association, one of the big corporate lobbyists for the bill to censor the Internet -- meaning that if EA came out against the bill, that would be a serious blow to the people trying to get it passed

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