Monday, February 28, 2011

John Robert Godley, ancestor of the Barons Kil...Image via Wikipedia Founding father, Robert Godley

Time capsule found buried in rubble of earthquake shaken Christchurch...

Nothing good can come out of a disaster that has shaken Christchurch to its core, but there was a brief shimmer of light today when a piece of history was uncovered amongst the earthquake ruins.

The capsule was discovered by rescue teams while working near the destroyed statue of pioneer John Robert Godley, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The copper capsule and broken bottle are thought to have been put there when the statue was first erected in 1867.

A handwritten note was found in the bottle, but details of what it says have not yet been released.

Mayor Bob Parker said he believed that inside the time capsule were documents outlining the vision of the city.

Canterbury Museum director Anthony Wright said it was a wonderful discovery amid all the sad news of the earthquake.

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Acknowledgments: NZ Herald

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