Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch City (New Zealand) from the Port ...Image via Wikipedia Before quake...

A photo (below) has emerged of dust shrouding and seemingly capturing the moment the city's buildings collapsed into the shaking earth after Tuesday' s earthquake...

The image, taken from high above Christchurch and published on Twitter, shows a cloud of murky dust rising above the tallest buildings and covering the city centre.

Geologists have said the magnitude 6.3 earthquake was "no surprise. GNS Science had been warning people to expect an aftershock of around magnitude 6 from September's earthquake.

"So in that sense [Tuesday's earthquake] is no surprise," GNS Science geologist Dr Hamish Campbell said.

Dr Campbell said the earthquake was technically an aftershock because its epicentre was adjacent to the September earthquake's aftershock zone.

But other geologists dispute that assessment.

Geoscience Australia earthquake seismologist Dr Trevor Allen said because the earthquake was on a different fault line it should be considered a separate earthquake.

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