Sunday, January 30, 2011

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New Zealand will not be admitting banned undesirables into the country during the Rugby World Cup...

Media claims that New Zealand could be forced to admit undesirables into the country during the Rugby World Cup have been denied by the Government.

It was claimed that the  New Zealand Government could be forced to admit  Fijian coup leader and dictator, Frank Bainimarama,   into New Zealand during the RWC tournament because he will be a VIP have been denied. Bainimarama is blacklisted and will not be admitted into New Zealand under any circumstances, RWC Minister, Murray McCully stated.

It was also claimed that his brother-in-law, Francis Keane could also enter New Zealand as a VIP, once he stages his own little coup and takes over the Fijian Rugby Union as its Chairman.

Francis Keane is a convicted killer - he was convicted of manslaughter after fatally punching a man at Bainimarama's daughter's wedding.. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but served only three months on full pay before being released and promoted to head the Fijian Navy. What sort of navy the Fijians have is another matter and won't be discussed here today.

The media have claimed both men could be hosted by New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup at a cost of $45,000 each - under the rules of the IRB hosting nations pay for two officials from each participating nation.

However the news today claimed IRB officials are on the way to meet with Fijian leaders concerning the RWC.

There is more to write about this subject in coming days. I will post an update in due course.

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