Friday, January 07, 2011

failed statesImage by Esthr via FlickrSOMALIA IS A FAILED STATE ACCORDING TO ITS CRITICS...

Men and woman have been banned from shaking hands in a district of Somalia controlled by the Islamist group Al-Shabad.

Under the ban imposed in the southern town of Jowhar, men and women who are not related are also banned from walking together.

It is the first time that such severe restrictions have been imposed.

Al-Shabab announced that those disobeying the new rules would be punished under Sharia law.

The penalties would most likely be public floggings.

Al-Shabab has also banned music in the areas it controls.

Somalia has not had a stable government since 1991.

The UN backed Somalian government only controls parts of the capital Mogadishu and a few other areas.

Sharia law has no basis under the koran.
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