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VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - JANUARY 08:  Pope Bene...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeLeaked cables prove Vatican's cover-ups of child abuse by Catholic priests...

A recent  international newspaper report claimed that American diplomatic cables indicated the Vatican felt  "offended" that Ireland failed to respect Holy See sovereignty when  asking high ranking churchmen to answer questions about sex abuse to an Irish sex abuse commission. Part of a cover up, perhaps?

That the Holy See has tried to use its diplomatic- immunity status to try to thwart the Irish fact finding probe has long known. But WikiLeaks cables allegedly published by Britain's Guardian newspaper contain delicate, behind the scenes diplomatic assessments. Interesting to say the least.

The Vatican press office declined to comment on the cables, but decried the leaks as a matter of "extreme seriousness". The cables or their contents I wonder?

The US ambassador to the Holy See also condemned the leaks and said the Vatican and America co-operate in promoting universal values.

There is much more to the report, but I would like to briefly comment on the so-called universal values: Just what values did they discuss?

I would strongly suggest that the Vatican, and America by its association, should be eternally condemned for trying to hide evidence of child rape and sexual assault by Roman Catholic priests in a number of countries over many decades.

The Church had many priests transfered to other parishes, and sometimes other countries, and prevented in many cases  local authorities from obtaining evidence against paedophile priests.

Ireland wanted to be seen as being supportive of the independent  probe into child abuse cover-ups in the Dublin Archdiocese, but Rome  officials didn't want to intervene in the probe's efforts to get information.

To do so was viewed by the Vatican as an affront to their sovereignty - never mind an offront to human decency!
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