Monday, June 28, 2010

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No place for Kevin Rudd In Aussie cabinet reshuffle...

New Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has excluded the man she rolled last week from cabinet.

Ms Gillard told media that while Kevin Rudd was on the backbench after today's reshuffle, she would be "absolutely delighted" to give him a senior cabinet role if the Labor government was re-elected.

Ms Gillard said she had spoken to Mr Rudd about his future and he had confirmed he would run for his seat at the next election.

"What I've said to Kevin is that I think that this is the best course and it would enable him, if he chose to do so at this time, to spend more time with his family, which I know is one of his key priorities in life,"

Ms Gillard told Australian media this afternoon.

Ms Gillard gave her own portfolios of education, employment, workplace relations and social inclusion to former Labor leader Simon Crean.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith will add Mr Crean's trade role to his portfolio.

Acknowledgements: - NZ Herald staff

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