Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Providing innovative solutions to world hunger:

Lomuria is a 16 month-old girl from Karamoja, Uganda. Last July, her family was left destitute after their village was raided and their cattle stolen.

Her parents, Mogole Maria and Lotonkul John, themselves subsisting on one meal a day, were unable to provide Lomuria with the nutrients she needed to thrive.

On the brink of starvation, and weakened by malaria and pneumonia, Lomuria was taken to Action Against Hunger’s local Stabilization Center.

Thanks to our immediate attention, and a two week regimen of intensive treatment, she survived.

Now at home, Lomuria receives bi-weekly examinations from our Clinical Officer and supplemental ready-to-use foods to nurse her back to full health.

This is what Action Against Hunger does every day. We save the lives of children like Lomuria and provide their families with the tools they need to regain self-sufficiency for the long term.

But help is needed to reach them: webmaster@actionagainsthunger.org

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