Sunday, May 03, 2009


From health to the health of a nation. A tragedy or the tragic opera that is Fiji?

Back in the 1980’s advertising brochures proclaimed, ”Fiji the way the world should be.” Yeah right!

Two Rabuka coups, a George Speight rebellion and the Commodore Bainimarama military takeover, delayed briefly by a rugby match between the Army and the Police, won by the Army naturally. Who needs enemies when you have such friends back home?

Despite last minute attempts by Fijian military dictator, Commodore Bainimarama to meet the leaders of Australia and New Zealand and negotiate a change of mind over sanctions against Fiji, Fiji has been kicked out, officially suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum, and possibly from the Commonwealth later in the year.

Bainimarama claims elections can’t be restored for another five years, but this a load of codswallop;the constitution can be amended at another date. He claims to be the hero of multiracialism in Fiji, but is just another dirty little dictator like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe who dictated his country from being the bread-basket of Africa to becoming the basket-case of all time!

There are absolutely no democracy or civil rights in Fiji, the constitution has been tossed into a garbage can, judges have been sacked, the local media has been dictated to and controlled by the army, and foreign media and diplomats detained and kicked out of Fiji. Some Fijians have lost there lives, and others are missing.

Much foreign aid has already been suspended by Australia, NZ, Britain and the European Union. Fijian army peacekeepers may also be suspended from new contracts by the United Nations, and as a consequence much of Fiji’s economy will be affected with the loss of the soldiers income. With unemployed troops drifting around unemployed in the capital of Suva, Bainimarama’s regime could well have some substantial opposition. Fijians are pretty effective soldiers - good peacekeepers!

Then there may be the final coup for Fiji. Don’t cry for me Fiji!

The Bainimarama regime’s future is already in doubt - the clock is ticking!

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