Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have my political niched blog and another group of various niched blogs to sort out my musings and opinions into some order. But what of the future for us all in these days of change?

What will these economically disturbed times result in for us in western society? Will there be changes of the magnitude of those of the post- depression years? Will economic changes force social changes onto us by devious politicians seeking a short-cut in implementing their own ideological platforms, and in the process compromising the democratic process.

There have been a variety of political changes before and after the economic downturn. A swing to the left in Australia in late 2007 is bemoaned as a slide to economic ruin by the remnants of the right, a swing to the right in New Zealand in late 2008, and to the left in America also last year, but not implemented until early 2009. Britain has had a change in leadership but has retained the same party for a number of years. France has swung to the right while there have been similar changes in other European states as well in recent years. And in Fiji a swing to Zimbabwe type political insanity!

Already there have been criticisms that America under Barack Obama is becoming socialist, but I have suggested that those who make such claims wouldn't know socialism if they fell over it. We have had nine years of democratic socialism in New Zealand, but our economic system is still market driven - since the so-called reforms of the late 1980's and the 1990's when privatisation was so, so popular here!

There are no immediate signs of a change to that era early in the term of the John Key led National Party -led rightwing government, but there are signs that changes could occur if the government feels so secure another term of government appears inevitable. The recent retirements of the Labour Party's leadership of 15 years - six in opposition and nine in government, Helen Clark and Michael Cullen - received cross-party support for Helen's appointment to the United Nations, and Michael's appointment as deputy of NZ Post. And a weakened and inexperienced front bench opposes the new rightwing administration here.

So what will the future hold for us all? Just hold our collective breath, and let it out slowly, because things may not be too bad? What will our neighbours and close friends, Australia, do in the short term? Some Aussies are apprehensive of changes promoted there as well. The future for all of us is in the lap of the gods, or in one particular God?

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