Sunday, March 22, 2009


China punishes more senior officials over the 2008 melamine dairy scandal...

First published at Qassia:

China punishes more officials over the recent melamine dairy scandal.
China's Communist Party has punished more senior government officials for their part in the melamine tainted baby milk powder scandal last year which killed six infants and made another 360,000 severely ill - many with kidney disease.

The New Zealand giant dairy Fonterra was implicated through its Chinese joint venture partner, Sanlu. No New Zealand milk was ever sold to Chinese customers; Sanlu using only Chinese milk powder.

The scandal forced the head of the Chinese quality watchdog group to resign, and the courts sentenced two men to death for the production of melamine contaminants and supplying Chinese companies with the toxic milk.

The Xinhua news agency reportedly stated the Communist Party's disciplinary body had removed Wang Bubu, chief of the law enforcement and supervision department at China's quality watchdog, from all of his official and party positions.

It was also reported that the deputy chief of food circulation at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce(unnamed)was also dismissed from his position, and also six others, from state agencies, including the State Food and Drug Administration, and the Ministries of Agriculture and Health,received penalties, including demotion and having their misdeeds publicly recorded. It was one of the biggest ever shake-ups in the Chinese administration.

The Chinese Government is still embarrassed by claims the melamine milk powder scandal was repressed until after the Beijing Olympic Games. Are the claims true? You be the judge!

Contributor's Note
The scandal continues. It cost Fonterra $250,000,000 in compensation for its implication.


Sire said...

I still reckon that whoever instructed those two to do what they did should join them on their final trip.

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

It is typical of those higher up in the food chain, to wriggle out of their responsibility.