Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Clean and green New Zealand wind power - wind turbines and wind farms...

First published at Qassia:

Wind power - wind turbines and wind power. What better product can be produced in our own countries, than pure, unadulterated wind energy? The answer is, of course, none!

China now, and Japan all those decades ago, could copy and produce just about anything - a variety of products, machines and mechanical tools, musical equipment, computers, motor vehicles, boats and planes, clothing and accessories - and food too!

But pure, clean and green, unadulterated New Zealand wind power can never be emulated by China or anybody else for that matter. They may create or buy a New Zealand company to generate windpower here, but it will always be "New Zealand" energy. We will always be buying New Zealand energy products.

Wind power is undoubtably the energy of the future in New Zealand, with its mountainous and hilly terrain, and its reasonable closeness to coastal areas and wind and sea currents. And the sea too, is another enegy alternative - using the power of the sea and tidal currents to generate electricity.

In New Zealand the modern wind turbines are a far cry from the old windmills associated with countries like Holland and the other low countries, in ages past. The symmetrical and clean lines of the modern wind turbines are appearing in clusters of "wind farms" up and down the country, with many applications to planning committees to create even more of these wind turbine generators.

The majority of New Zealand power is generated in our rivers by hydro electric plants, supplemented by coal fired turbines, geothermal plants, solar energy, wind turbines; and the futuristically planned tidal generators off the coast of the country.

Nuclear energy has never been considered as an option in a country that has actually had a proud and determined anti- nuclear policy for just on a quarter of a century.

What could you expect, I wonder, in another quarter of a century; urban houses with rows of solar panels and a small wind turbine or two attached to their chimneys?

In rural towns and on hundreds of farms around the country rows of solar panels and a small windfarm could be utilised to make them self sufficient in energy. Perhaps in time the bulk of our hydro electric and coal fired plants could be used for industry, schools, universities and hospitals - all of which could have some form of alternative energy generators as well.

Wherever, and however, this energy will be clean and green, pure unadulterated New Zealand energy that cannot be emulated anywhere else on the globe. We will buy New Zealand without a doubt!


Sire said...

We have a few wind farms in Australia, but I reckon that whoever makes a version small enough to power a home, so that we don't have to rely on an external source, that person will be a rich man, as long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

I agree, somebody will come up with something. Cost can be relative.