Sunday, January 25, 2009


Did John Gotti dip his neighbour in an acid bath?

First published at Qassia:

Temporarily blinded by the sun rays, John Favara didn't see the mini motorbike in the street until it was too late. It was actually ridden by the 12 year old son of his neighbour - and he was now dead because Favara had knocked him down in a fatal accident that tragic day on that New York street on March 18 1980.

He would find to his eternal misfortune that the boy's father was the one and only John Gotti - a mobster who was soon to become the American Mafia's "Godfather". He would some years later become known as the Teflon Don because 'nothing stuck to him'.

Four months after the boy's fatal accident, John Favara a 51 year old furniture salesman with no known mob connections, disappeared without trace. But his wife and two children had to flee the family home after a vitriolic letter campaign which even included excrement.

John Favara's body was never found and the police had no evidence. They believe he was murdered though. Almost 30 years later an informant cited in impending Mafia trial that Mr Favara had been murdered and his body disposed of in a barrell of acid.

The defendant in the trial had allegedly told the informant that "acid was the best method to avoid detection".

So did John Gotti dip his neighbour in an acid bath?



Sire said...

That's the beauty of an acid bath, no DNA. Another unsolvable Mystery mate?

Anonymous said...

Just the type of guy you would bring home for dinner? Yeah right!

Sire said...

Actually, if you were going to fit him out with cement shoes, bringing home to dinner may be a good ruse.

kiwiriverman said...

Well I think John said I gotti have revenge!

Sire said...

Must admit that it wasn't like the poor guy intentionally killed his son, or does he think that it was a setup from an opposing gang?

kiwiriverman said...

Just an example of the mentality of those types, regardless of where they were born; in Melbourne or Auckland, just the same!

jacker said...