Monday, June 09, 2008


New Zealand liquor store owner "executed" - three little girls have lost their daddy...

I don't feel very proud to be a New Zealander this morning. Why? Read on!

Even after co-operating with an armed robber on Saturday; even after putting his arms in the air to indicate his co-operation,30 year old liquor store co-owner, Navtej Singh, father of three young daughters, was gunned down, execution - style by an armed robber with a .22 rifle.

Three young Maori or Polynesian men had entered the south Auckland store dressed in hoodie sweatshirts hiding their faces, one armed with the rifle.They had come to rob and to kill!

The wounded man's business partner, Gurwind Singh said Navtej had complied with the gunman's demands, but was mercilessly shot in the chest. Even after lying wounded, Navtej was prodded in the chest with the rifle by the gunman and ordered to open the cash till - stretching in agony, Navtej turned the key and opened the drawer above him.

Police arrived 25 minutes later after being contacted by Gurwind Singh, and the ambulance a further twenty minutes later, being delayed by crime scene security protocol.

NZ police are not a routinely armed police force, authority has to be given before police can be issued weapons carried in the boots of their patrol cars.The delay in medical treatment to Navtej probably caused his death 24 hours later.But that is another story.

Other Indian shopkeepers in south Auckland feel most strongly that they are targets and considered easy game by criminals in the area where a spate of robberies has occurred in recent months.Just a few weeks ago a son of an Indian dairy( convenience store) owner was stabbed to death by a robber in south Auckland.Indian shopkeepers in other cities and towns are beginning to fear for their safety as well.

Indian shopkeepers are extremely hardworking, friendly and an asset to New Zealand society - the criminals are despicable scumbags deserving of lifeterms in prison.

There is no doubt that there is gang involvement in these crimes, and also that methamphetamine is a factor - known as "P" in New Zealand. These people lack basic human empathy and regard for their victims.

Methamphetamine has become an epidemic in recent years, something I have written about previously.

CCTV footage showed the robbers engaged in robbing the store and shooting the store owner, other people in the store and even one person stealing items while Mr Singh lay slowly dying on the floor.

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