Monday, May 26, 2008


First published at Qassia:

Old hobbits die hard - film maker Peter Jackson tells his fans...

Peter Jackson said Bilbo films would like to revive the locations that made New Zealand such a perfect 'middle earth'.

The celebrated New Zealand film - maker who is currently involved in a remake of British World War Two classic, "The Dam Busters", wants to use those same New Zealand Lord of the Rings locations, and the same actors as well for his project, a two film The Hobbit and sequel that will be shot back to back in 2010.

There will be rebuildng of the elaorate Hobbiton village on a farm in Matamata in the Waikato which is now a tourist attraction.

Peter Jackson also revealed further plans for the US$150 millon project in a one hour "live chat" on the internet a few days ago with the films' director,Guillermo de Toro, in London.

About 5,500 people registered to participate - breaking the previous record of 5,000 for a live internet chat by the Spice Girls some years ago.

They asked about 7,000 questions, which were whittled down to about 20 questions, including whether New Zealand's beautiful scenery, one of the most praised features in the LOR triology, would be used again.

Peter Jackson said permission would be sought from the farm's owner to rebuild the Hobbit village in the same place. He also said that he doubted whether locations outside of New Zealand would be necessary. Casting has not yet been decided.


Sire said...

I would love to see a modern version of Dam busters. The old movie was a classic and it would be great to see what they could do with the special effects.

Kiwi Riverman said...

Yes it should be great considering Peter Jackson's abilities in special effects.