Monday, February 04, 2008


The Koran requires respect for non-Muslims - and this means Jews and Christians too! Muslims need to read their Koran from cover to cover, not just a few selected passages taken out of context. They also need to learn what is meant by Jihad - it is not some holy war that Muslim pretenders claim. I know and I'm not a Muslim. There are a number of people within Islam who claim to be Muslim - but devout and true Muslims would never dream of becoming suicide bombers endangering the lives of men, women, the aged and infirm, children and little helpless babies. Murder has no place within Islam any more than it has a place within Christendom.

Just read the following post and you may be surprised at the truth!

Just who was that foolish Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, trying to impress with his inane and inflammatory statements in recent months questioning the Holocaust, attacking Zionism and established historical facts and seeking the destruction of Israel? Was it for domestic or international consumption? I think it will all backfire on him eventually!

If it was for international influence he failed if an article in the Dominion Post daily newspaper, Wellington, New Zealand, is any example.

A highly respected Muslim historian from Christchurch, New Zealand, Abdullah Drury, strongly criticised President Ahmadinejad for his blatant anti-Semetism which is actually forbidden in mainstream Islam.

From his article, " A history of respect", 22 December,2006, he included the following:

The Prophet Muhammed, the ultimate role model for all Muslims, had a Jewish wife - Safiyah bint Huyai bin Akhtab. Her father was a former chief of the Banu Nadir, a distinguished Jewish tribe that settled in central Arabia and adopted the Arabic language.The Holy Koran refers to Safiyah - a now popular name for girls - as the mother of the Believer, and after the death of the Prophet, she became a powerful figure in early history and politics.

Further, Islamic law specifically forbids persecution or harassment of either Jews or Christians, and all Muslim societies with Islamic law in place invariably have some sort of fixed representative agencies or parliamentary seats for their Jewish minorities".

Interesting comments in my opinion. I wonder also what Mr Jury thinks about the illegal usage of the term "jihad ". He has explained that Muslims do not have Koranic permission to verbally or physically attack non- Muslims in the manner that some sections of Islam have in recent times. The Roman Catholic Church has a great term to deal with their worst sinners - Excommunication! It would be an appropriate term for Islam to adopt, in my humble opinion.

There would be an incredible number of Muslims being excommunicated if that was the case in Islam too !

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