Thursday, October 25, 2007


What a shocking and inauspicious end to a survivor from the hell of the holocaust...

After surviviving the living hell of the holocaust over sixty years ago, an 80 year old survivor, Katherine Schweitzer, was found strangled to death in a wheelie bin near her Bellevue Hill unit for senior citizens in Sydney late last year.

What a shocking and inauspicious end to a concentration camp survivor who outlasted every conceivable inhumanity the SS guards dished out to her. As they would say in Sydney, what a great little Aussie battler! This poor old widow with no known living relatives in Australia deserved a better end than that! Nobody to fend for her, nobody to protect her from such brutal human trash in her latter years.

She survived the terrors of a Nazi concentration camp to end up 10,000 miles away like some discarded piece of trash - it just wasn't fair; but life is not always fair, is it?

Police described the killing as "callous and bizarre", with no obvious motive.

The Police sought a man in his 20's near the unit block where Mrs Schweitzer met her extremely sad end to her long life on this planet.

Depraved is a good word. I just can't understand such acts; robbery, yes! But such a lack of basic human empathy! I'm getting on a little myself, and it makes me wonder a little. Our elderly folk, in whatever country, city or town, need somebody to keep an eye on them. Somebody just to call around a couple of times a week to say hello, and to be a contact for those elderly people if they need one. She may have seen somebody hanging around but had nobody to confide in!

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Sire said...

The world would be a better place if we people who commit such callous acts ceased to exist.

Kiwi Riverman said...

We meaning the human race? Perhaps. We do have the power to think rather than just reacting like most of the animal kingdom.

Thanks for commenting here Sire. You will read most of my better stories here. See Honest John had a boost in the polls?