Wednesday, August 08, 2007


A former Scotland Yard detective is allegedly leading a new attempt to solve one of Britain's most enduring mysteries - the hunt is on for Lucan in a small North island town of Marton - population 6,000.

Lord Lucan vanished from the face of the earth after the 1974 killing of his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett, who was bludgeoned to death in London at the West End home of Lucan's estranged wife, multi-millionaire Lady Lucan; it is believed he mistook the nanny for his wife. His whereabouts has continued to intrigue British society ever since. Some believe he drowned in the English Channel, but there has been allegedly at least 70 supposed sightings in Australia, Holland, Ireland and South Africa.

There have now been new claims that the disgraced English peer is living it rough in the little New Zealand town of Marton in an old Landrover with a cat and a pet possum; this has been irrestible for former detective inspector, Sidney Ball, who reportedly solved 150 murders before retiring to New Zealand.

He has apparently been asked to check out claims that Lucan who would now be 72 years old, is living in the rural town. Mr Ball said he couldn't say more until he has completed his investigation there.

A television production company is taking him to Marton, where he will be filmed for a programme about neighbours being at war.

"This man's neighbours are convinced that the guy living rough in the old Landrover with a cat and a possum is actually Lucan," Mr Ball said.

Rangitikei district Mayor, Bob Buchanan thinks they may well be right,and he wouldn't be surprised at all because there is quite a resemblance. And though he lives only ten minutes out of town, his mail goes to a PO box in the nearby city of Palmerston North.

Neighbours also claim he has an upper class English accent and a military bearing like Lord Lucan , who was educated at Eton before serving in the elite Coldstream Guards.

He is claimed to have arrived in New Zealand about the time Lucan reportedly disappeared and is also claimed to be receiving money from property he owns in Britain.

The rumours have been simmering for ages and the Greenstone film company said they wanted an expert to settle the matter once and for all!

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