Sunday, June 24, 2007

International Muslim protest at Salman Rushdie knighthood award:

As some British Muslims protested at the awarding of writer Salmam Rushdie’s coming knighthood, reports are coming through about concerted mass strikes and demonstrations in India, Iran and Pakistan; others distanced themselves from the effigy burning and reprisals.

There was about 20 demonstrations at Regents Park mosque in London after prayers, with men with covered faces waving placards, one of which allegedly read “God save the Queen”, and shouting slogans.

Mosque staff distanced themselves from the demonstration. A woman from the director- general’s office stating ” We do not sanction this protest or the views they are expressing.”

Why is it many Muslims cover their faces when protesting? Haven’t they the courage of their convictions, or is they just lack old fashioned intestinal fortitude?

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